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As I turn 30 years old on 10/10/22 I reflect on all the spaces, environments and people that molded me, refined me and ultimately made me. I curated 9 photoshoots with 9 photographers, each shoot in a place from my journey that had major impact. I had a great time reminiscing and paying respect to these places that meant so much in my life. As I go into this new chapter of my 30s I will take all the memories, lessons, and experiences with me and continue the journey because is only the beginning! Thank you! 

1. My childhood apartment (Longwood Ave.) /  Photographer @roselyn.grullon

2. Church I grew up in (Roca Eterna) /  Photographer @roselyn.grullon

3. Elementary School (P.S.62) / Photographer @roselyn.grullon

4. Middle School (St.Ignatius) / Photographer @myrn.shoots 

5. High School (Cardinal Hayes H.S) / Photographer @your_fav_panda 

6. College (Bronx Community College) Photographer @bx_queen_718 

7. University (School Of Visual Arts) Photographer @key.lenz_

8. The Bronx Native Shop (Mott Haven) Photographer @key.lenz_

9. Canal Pl. / Mott Haven (Tag Up Studios) Photographer @jorgiecito

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