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/ Amaurys Grullon

I am a multipotentialite and Entrepreneur from The Bronx. My story is one of passion, hard work, and success. Since a young age, I knew I wanted to pursue a future in the arts because of my interest in drawing and being creative. When I got to high school I started using different mediums to express myself and tell stories. I went on to Bronx Community College as a graphic design major. There I learned the essentials and was provided with many opportunities such as internships and jobs in the field. Around the same time I started BCC, I started my freelance career as a photographer and graphic designer. I graduated Bronx Community College and got my associates degree in Graphic Design. Then, I became a entrepreneur and pursued the vision I had of getting a team of creatives, building a creative agency that would grow into something amazing. I partnered up with a non profit called Student Dream that gave me the tools I needed to make my dream come true. In 2014, I Incorporated my own company called GET Studios LLC and started my first semester at SVA. Since then, me and my team have been developing GET studios in all levels. We provide multimedia services to clients as well as create our own original content. I have been hard at work in SVA which has been a great experience overall. At the moment I am pursuing filmmaking and developing my skills as I go. I plan on leaving an impact in the Bronx and also in a greater scale. Dream, believe, work, achieve.

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